Odd Knobs #1 - compact size demo from Chi Ha Ucciso Il Conte on Vimeo.

Odd Knobs #1 - big size demo from Chi Ha Ucciso Il Conte on Vimeo.

Odd Knobs #1

The Odd Knobs project is a project to explore possibilities hidden behind the most basic and common interface for synthetizers and many other instruments and objects: knobs

The research focused on the idea of designing a tactile image that users could recognize not just seeing them with their eyes, but also by touching.

The results of the research are a set of 5 knobs with 5 different main shapes, and there is a big version and a compact version, so that their application is very versatile

The possibilities are however endless, and it is possible to design knobs within a huge range of shapes and dimensions

The Odd Knobs are an ideal solution for situations where the performer cannot keep a visual contact with the interface, for non-seeing people that want to have a deeper overview on instruments and interfaces, and for those who wants to give a sharper look to theyr synthetizer

you can order some Odd Knobs here (compact size) and here here (Large size)

The design of the "Odd Knobs #1" is registered on Patamu with license no 113062