Nano Aetherphone

The Nano Aetherphone is a musical instrument designed to re-invent and celebrate the Theremin on its 100th anniversary..

The characteristics of the Nano Aetherphone are devised to offer artists the same sound possibilities of the Theremin, while also guaranteeing a wider range of options in terms of stage mobility and performance.

The interface works as a digital and compact instrument, and it can be personalized according with the artist’s needs and ways of making music. The design is based on a tours shape that deforms a little in order to allow all the electronic components to fit smoothly and in a position that is ergonomic and elegant.

The default sound setting of the Aetherphone Nano consists of a sine wave oscillator with 3 echo effects. Use it directly as a freestanding instrument or enhance its range of sounds by combining it with pedals and effects of your choice.

Being based on open hardware and open software, the artist can disassemble the instrument and re-code the program to customize waves’ shape and frequency, sensors calibration and other specifics. In fact, we encourage you to personalize the Nano Aetherphone by shipping it with assembly instructions.

The repository with the hardware and the source code can be found here .

The design of the "Nano Aetherphone" interface is registered on Patamu with license no 112011


Theremin 100 logo by Paul sizer , more info here