(now "LSE")

LightSeq is an award-winning DIY instrument and performance system for live electronic music. It allows user to program any sequence of lights which are then translated into sound. For Kacper I designed and built the wooden parts, the the front panels (made in acrilic with a lasercutter/engraver), and the LED holders (with 3d printed PLA). I did all this work inspired by the octagonal shape of the arabic patterns, in this way the artist can put the elements together on the LDR board and still have a good grip on them. Than I designed all the graphics following that concept.

You can find some work in progress pictures here
More info about Kacper Ziemianin here
the ‘LightSeq’ system has won the 4th international experimental music performance competition at the "Radical DB" festival in Zaragoza, Spain.
Note: In this version of the Light Seq there are a few changes made by the artist itself in the LDR board