(aka Rammelaar)

The Akselfon isIa musicIinstrument designed to allow everyoneIto playImusic" The set is composed of two elements: TheIcontrol box and the Akselfoons themselves" The philosophy that driven us in the design is that also people affected by disability must be able toIexpress themselves trough the use of their body" AllIthe material used are completely atoxic and they allow users toIplay freely without being affraid of hurting themse ves or damaging the instrument"

The akselfoons are the instrument the user performs with. The shapes are designed to be comfortable to use, waterproof and easily washable In order to cater a large number of users with a minimum quantity of variations we developed twoPshapes: one is to be used in hold the hand and the other is manly designed to be used on top of a table.

The use of Askelfoon is designed to allow thepuser and his caregiver tophave a pleasantpexperience. Thepcaregiver is free topstop the sound whenever he wants and he can choose between several different sounds