Dispositivo Cinetico MIDI

Dispositivo cinetico Midi is an experimental MIDI controller born with the idea of going beyond the “classic” paradigm the fixed keyboard with buttons and knobs on it.

The DCM provides a strong connection between artist’s movements and the sounds plaid, guaranteeing a wide and deep range of options in terms of stage mobility and performance.

The interaction with the controller controller consists in two main gestures:
- A set of 12 buttons that can be pressed to send MIDI notes
- A gyroscope that turns the position of the device into MIDI CC signals

In other words, artists are able to apply sound effects by orienting the position of the device itself, creating a strong bond the performer’s gestures and the sounds produced during the performance. The goal of the controller is to provide artists with an interface that is both intuitive to operate and capable of fulfilling complex needs in terms of music production

The device is composed by two PLA shells and a circular wooden handle designed to make more intense and comfortable the use of the controller. At the top of the device there are the keys and a symbol that identify the position of the gyroscope. The device also includes a set of 4 LED's to give a visual feedback on the device behavior.

The device is equipped with a MIDI socket and of a mini USB port that can be used to upload code to the device.

Being based on open hardware and open software, the artist can disassemble the instrument and re-code the program to customize sensors calibration and other specifics. In fact, we encourage artists to personalize the DCM by shipping it with assembly instructions.

The repository with the hardware and the source code can be found here .

DCM was originally designed as final project for the Fab Academy program 2020 . It is 100% developed with open source software , and a special thanks goes to all the creative communities that work hard to make and spread the use of free and opes source tools. In particular I would like to thanks Anool Mahidharia and the Arduino forum Italia community for sharing their knowledge and providing assistance during the project development

A special thanks goes to Seeedstudio, that provided excellent quality PCB / PCBA service in the development and the production of this project

The design of the "Dispositivo Cinetico MIDI" interface is registered on Patamu with license no 144759